Pre Sale Details

  • Total Token Supply - 1,000,000,000 ACX
  • Pre Sale Allocation - 200,000,000 ACX

Pre Sale Price

  • 1 ADA = 416 ACX
  • 1 ACX = 0.00024 ADA

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  • Minimum Buy - 300 ADA
  • Maximum Buy - 30000 ADA

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How To Buy $ACX Token And Participate In Our Pre Sale

First : Purchase ADA from any crypto exchange like Binance, Coinbase etc and send the ADA to your Cardano native wallets like Yoroi, Adalite or Daedulus (you should download any of these apps from your phones app store, playstore for android, app store for iPhone, please do not click on any link or visit any Web page to avoid being defrauded, make sure to use ONLY your phones app store)

Second: Navigate to Acardex Pre Sale page and copy the address (make sure the address was copies correctly), or preferably use the barcade.

Third: Please make sure you send 300ADA plus a little more ADA for service charge


IF you want to send 300ADA, please send atleast 302ADA or a little bit more because when you send 300ADA exactly, charges will be cut off from the 300ADA, we will receive 299ADA, and our system do not read any transaction less than 300ADA, to save the stress please make sure to send at least 300 + 2 ADA to be as safe as possible, this way you will automatically get your ACX tokens when the distribution starts.

- $ACX tokens will be airdropped to the wallet address used in participating in the sales, our system automatically detects all the addresses that sent at least 300ADA, and airdrop the equivalent in ACX token to the address.

- Ensure NEVER to send your ADA from any exchange, do not send ADA directly from Binance, Coinbase or any exchange wallets to the seed-sale address directly.

- To participate and get our ACX token, please make sure to send at least 300ADA plus a little more ADA as service fee.

Do you still have any questions? Please use the contact us form below, or mail us via [email protected], also chat with our Admin on Telegram @acardexadmin

Acardex is an AMM based decentralised exchange on the cardano blockchain, Where user can swap and trade cardano native tokens seamlessly, Acardex also is thhe fast DEX to feature NFT mmarketplace, IDO Lanchpad and metaverse functions.